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Food And Drink

You can take Old Kilmun and be entirely self-sufficient for catering, or you can stay with us and never lift a finger. Or you can mix between self-catering for some meals, and catered for others. We have put together a team of caterers - all known to us for years, all trusted and highly recommended, who will deliver to your budget and taste.

Our in house catering company can do anything from 15 per head buffets, barbecues and hearty suppers, 25 to 35 formally served three course meals, up to seven course tasting menus for 50 or 60 - and anything in between.

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You can also arrange a residential chef to come in and cook breakfast, lunch and supper for you, at a cost of anywhere between 250 and 500 a day plus ingredients, depending on the menu and numbers.

Old Kilmun House is most often booked on a pure self-catering basis. But not everyone loves peeling vegetables for a party of 20 or more, and we know some people can do with the occasional break, or special occasional help.

For a posh night in, rather than out, drinking your own wine in our stunning dining room and not having to drive, using a chef from our chef selection is often the best answer.

Description: http://www.ormidalehouse.com/images/thumb19.jpgWe have spoken to dozens of catering companies around Scotland before alighting on our current selection of three chefs as our preferred partners. Their philosophy of value for money, whatever your budget, and of using the best local ingredients whatever they are cooking, chimes with our own values for Ormidale. We have agreed a pricing structure with them that pretty much guarantees they will never be beaten on price, so that you as our customers are guaranteed the best possible value, as well as a top quality friendly service.

We are in one of the best areas of the entire world for sea food - indeed Argyll as a larder is increasingly recognised by foodies all over the country. Stunning hand-dived scallops, the best local venison, a gorgeous range of smoked products from the Argyll smoked house, succulent Scotch beef. It's your taste, your budget, and your culinary preference, that determines the menu.

Description: http://www.ormidalehouse.com/images/1.jpgWe can off you you a half way house which enables you to dine on our tasty range of chef-prepared dishes - usually cooked in our catering kitchen in Ormidale, which enables you to dine on our tasty range of chef-prepared dishes - usually cooked in our catering kitchen in Ormidale - which are cooked from the freshest and best local ingredients and then either left in the fridge for you, or immediately frozen, here on site. The Ormidale Six Appeal Larder is deliberately limited in the range of dishes offered but offers great value as well as convenience. You can choose from a generous Fish Pie topped with creamy mash, a delicious herb-laden Lasagne, a rich pastry-topped slow-cooked Steak Pie, and a spicy Chicken Curry - plus two really lovely vegetarian options, of Veggie Lasagne and a Veggie & Chick Pea Curry. All fresh cooked prepared in generous servings for six people, these can be an ideal first night treat, or a great lunch, or just an easy, chef-quality option whenever you can't be bothered to chop another carrot or peel another spud. Each of the six dishes serves six and costs 33.

Our starter options are equally simple and delicious. A bowl of gorgeous smoked mackerel pate with a hint of horseradish, a smooth slab of rich chicken liver pate, and a delicious tricolor vegetarian terrine. We also do three separate soups - a rich lentil and roasted veg broth, a classic carrot and coriander, and a subtly spiced Thai chicken soup. Again we offer these on a fresh cooked, fresh frozen basis, along with a selection of bread rolls. We charge 12.00 for any starter.

For puddings you can choose from another range of six delicious options - from a light Panna Cotta with Wild Berry Sauce, a Creamy Chocolate Zuccotto Cake, a comforting Sherry-rich English Trifle, a Coffee & Brandy infused Tiramasu, a gorgeous lemon-sharp Cheesecake, and a Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding with dark Chocolate Sauce. Each pudding for serving six is 15.00.